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Sep 23, 2020

How to Develop a Successful Multi-Touch Marketing Campaign

Posted by Chris McCready
Do you prefer to pick up a magazine and read it? Or open up an email and read it? Some people are tactile learners, some people are visual learners, why not make your ...
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Topics: Digital Marketing

Sep 17, 2020

Reels Deep Dive: Instagram's Alternative to TikTok

Posted by Lynne Kingsley
Have you checked out the new feature on Instagram yet? It’s called Instagram Reels and it’s a feature you should start using for your business....
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Topics: Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Sep 14, 2020

Top Email List Cleansing Tools

Posted by Juliet Hulse
Are you trying to clean up your contact database in your marketing automation platform? Email cleansing is a way to clean up your email list by removing unwanted contacts....
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Sep 09, 2020


Posted by Lynne Kingsley
JOHN LAMON TO BUILD STRATEGIC ENTERPRISE RELATIONSHIPS AS CLIENT BASE DIVERSIFIES AND GROWS (Annapolis Junction, MD – September 9, 2020) – Print and communications industry ...
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Sep 08, 2020

Advantages of Direct Printing vs. Dye Sublimation

Posted by Reid Broendel
Digital printing has taken the printing game to new heights, making it possible to accomplish printing magic on different materials. Direct print and dye sublimation are the ...
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Topics: Print Marketing, Wide Format

Sep 04, 2020

Is Setting Up a Web to Print Portal Easy?

Posted by Lynne Kingsley
Yes. Ok moving on…...
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